ELAZ 2022

A conference on elementary and analytic number theory

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Conference site


Street address: Uniwersytetu Poznańskiego 4, Poznań, Poland
GPS coordinates: 52.46748, 16.92739
Navigation links: Google maps

The conference will be held at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. The Faculty offers comfortable facilities to house a conference and support research activities, i.e. it has a sufficient number of rooms equipped with computers and video projectors as well as blackboards, convenient common space, and a library providing access to many scientific journals and services. Overhead projectors are also available upon request. For more details we refer to the Faculty website.

The Faculty is located in the quiet green area of the Morasko campus of Adam Mickiewicz University in the northern part of Poznań. It is accessible by tram/bus (see below) or car, and there are parking places available nearby.

Getting to the conference site

You can easily access the Morasko Campus by taking the fast tram no. 12, 14, 15 or 16 from many location in the city centre. For example:

  • line 12 or 14 from the Poznań main railway station (Poznań Główny)
  • line 12, 14 or 15 from the Kaponiera Roundabout (Rondo Kaponiera) - the university guest house DS Jowita is near the Kaponiera roundabout
  • line 16 from the Poznań Old Town (tram station: Wrocławska) - Wrocławska is the nearest tram stop to the hotel Don Prestige
Get off at Osiedle Sobieskiego (terminal/last station). Then you can either walk to the venue (approximately 1,2 km, see a map or take a bus no. 98 (get off at Instytut Fizyki bus stop).

Here is also the official Poznań public transport website. Alternatively, you might want to use the well-developed network of the public bike service. For more practical information we refer to Poland's Official Travel Website and Poznań Travel Website.


By plane

Poznań's Ławica airport (code POZ) is located near the city centre. It is served by regular as well as low-cost carriers. To see all connections please visit the Ławica website.

When you arrive at the airport you can either take a taxi or use public transport (city bus) to get to the city centre. There are bus stops right in front of the passenger terminal and in its close vicinity. Currently two bus lines run between the airport and city centre:

  • Line 159 (recommended): Ławica Airport (Port Lotniczy Ławica) - Poznań main railway station (Poznań Główny)
  • Line 242 (night bus): Ławica Airport (Port Lotniczy Ławica) - Kaponiera Roundabout (Rondo Kaponiera)
For more details we refer to the Ławica Airport website.

By train

Poznań main railway station (Poznań Główny) is located in the city centre. There are regular direct connections to the main Polish and several European cities. The timetable is given here. (Type "Poznań Główny" or "Poznan Glowny" for the Poznan main railway station)

By car

Poznań is located in the west part of Poland, half-way between Berlin and Warsaw. It is easily accessible by car. The city is connected to the European motorways network via the A2 motorway. Notice that most motorways in Poland are paid.


Poznań gives you a wide choice of accommodation options in every price category. You can stay in a large hotel of a renowned chain in the city centre, or in a quiet hotel, beautifully situated farther from the downtown area.

We have pre-booked a limited number of rooms at a discounted price in the Don Prestige hotel, as well as budget-friendly university guest rooms and student hostel rooms. You will receive contact details for making the reservation as well as discount codes upon registration. In order to benefit from the discount, please make a reservation by the end of April (Don Prestige) or July (DS Jowita).

Don Prestige Residence


Street address: Święty Marcin 2, Poznań, Poland
Phone: +48 61 859 05 90
GPS coordinates: 52.405975, 16.930502
Navigation links: Google maps

Don Prestige Residence is located in the centre of the Poznań Old Town, in the neighbourhood of the Old Market Square, the sixteenth century Renaissance Town Hall, and the Baroque Collegiate Basilica. This is also the place where the invited speakers will reside.

There is a tram stop (Wrocławska) within 150m from the hotel, with a good connection to the conference venue.

If you use the discount code, the conditions are as follows:

  • the price is 220 PLN (about 52 €) per night for 1 or 2 persons, incl. breakfast
  • the hotel requires that you pay 50% of the price by July 15, 2020. This is non-refundable if you cancel!

University guest house DS Jowita

Street address: Zwierzyniecka 7, Poznań Poland
Phone: +48 61 829 2401
GPS coordinates: 52.407662, 16.910444
Navigation links: Google maps.

The University guest house DS Jowita is located in the city center, close to the main railway station, in the direct vicinity of the Kaponiera Roundabout. It has a very good connection to the conference venue via the fast tram.

The hotel offers accommodation in guest rooms (of a higher standard) and student's rooms (lower standard and lower cost). Every room has a private bathroom, cable internet access and Wi-FI via Eduroam. The 24h reception accepts payments by cash and by credit card.

Guest room (incl. breakfast) - 20 single rooms and 4 double rooms


The prices are as follows:

  • 100 PLN (about 24 €) per night - single room incl. breakfast
  • 110 PLN (about 26 €) per night - double room for single use incl. breakfast
  • 140 PLN (about 33 €) per night - 2 persons in double room incl. breakfast

Student's room - 20 single rooms


The price is as follows:

  • 54,00 PLN (about 13 €) per night - single room

Making your participation possible

People may have different needs. While we cannot foresee them all, we can try to address those that you tell us about. Do you need some special local info, e. g., about medical assistance? Or maybe you are a nursing mother who needs a quiet room on the side to attend to your baby's needs? Please, tell us in the comment box when registering. We are also glad to answer e-mail queries (at elaz@amu.edu.pl)